Reading a book won’t fix you but it’s a good place to start! 

When you’re looking for help you want it straight away. Frustrated with long lead times from the major online sellers who import these books from the US I carry stock here so I can send it to you straight away. 

FREE Guide to Loss Ebook 

A helpful guide on the often-hidden and misunderstood topic of grief and loss. 
This no-nonsense guide: 
Gives you some helpful things to say to someone that is experiencing a loss. 
Shows you how prevalent unresolved grief is and why. 
Identifies the most common pieces of misinformation there are on this topic and why they’re not helpful to grieving people. 
Makes sure you don’t fall into any of the traps others do when working with grievers. 
Allows you to identify many losses other than death that qualify as grief. 
Gives you exclusive info we’ve gathered over our thirty years helping people with loss. 
…and much, much, more. 
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