Meet the UK team 

Carole Henderson - Managing Director and Senior Trainer 

In November 2006 Carole’s husband Kevin Batchelor died from skin cancer. Shattered by this enormous loss she sought help from as many directions as possible and 6 months later by accident came across The Grief Recovery Handbook. Completing the actions in the book changed her life and in November 2009 Carole achieved her qualification as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. 
Russell Friedman, co-author of the book and Executive Director of the Grief Recovery ® Institute, recognised her energy and commitment and asked Carole to establish Grief Recovery UK in 2010. After comprehensive training with Russell and the Grief Recovery Method Founder John W James, Carole became the first Grief Recovery trainer in the UK. Since then she has trained hundreds of Specialists from more than 30 countries to help others move beyond loss. 

Phyl Edmonds - Trainer 

Phyl Edmonds arrived at Grief Recovery in March 2013 still reeling from the death of her husband Tim by suicide 2 years earlier. She describes the experience as life changing and it certainly was. Immediately prior to coming on the course Phyl had been going for counselling every week for 2 years. Having completed the programme she needed to go back to her counsellor just one more time: to say Goodbye. 
Recognising her passion for the work and skill with helping people, Carole selected Phyl to be the 2nd UK Grief Recovery trainer. Qualifying in 2016 Phyl now regularly leads Certification Training around the UK allowing us to train even more Specialists.  
Read more about Phyl's story here 

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Help for Organisations 
Ensure your staff /volunteers are equipped to help your clients appropriately 
Train to Help Others 
Help others cope 
with their grief and return 
to a fulfilling life 

About Grief Recovery UK 

Carole Henderson (formerly Carole Batchelor) set up Grief Recovery (UK) in 2010 in order to increase the number of people with direct access to the Grief Recovery Method in this country. It is an organisation dedicated to helping the greatest number of grievers in the shortest amount of time and offers help to both individual grievers and trains those who wish to help others. Since then hundreds of people have qualified as Certified Grief Recovery Specialists and many more individual grievers have been helped. Carole works closely with Cole James & John James on almost a daily basis to ensure the programmes are delivered in the format proven over 30 years of work at the Grief Recovery Institute in the USA. 

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