Today’s blog is to recognise that while we’re all grieving the loss of our normal life right now, others are grieving the loss of their relatives, the loss of pets, the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of health, or their career. All the above experiences are real grief. However, everyone is grieving differently to you. 
When you compare one grief to another, it automatically robs dignity from the person who’s made to feel as if their loss isn’t as big, for whatever reason. It also takes away from the fact that all grief is experienced at 100%. 
Comparing losses and grief

No hierarchy of grief 

No one can say their grief is bigger or smaller than yours, or that their relationship to the person who died was better (or worse) than yours, for example. There is no hierarchy of grief. Since all relationships are unique, so is each person’s grief. 

All Grief is Experienced at 100% 

However, the fact that all grief is experienced at 100% doesn’t mean that all grief is experienced at the same level of emotional intensity. The loss of your parent presents a very different set of emotions to losing your job. Be empathetic to each other right now and mindful that everyone is grieving something or someone. 

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Comparing grief to others
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