Age is not a factor here, as in it doesn't matter how old you are. 
If your Dad has died Father’s Day sucks. Yes I know that is an American phrase but it’s one that I think says it all really succinctly without swearing. 
If you are a Dad whose child has died Father’s Day sucks. 
If you are a Dad whose child has run away or gone missing Father’s Day sucks. 
If you are a Mum whose husband has died Father’s Day sucks. 
dad with child
If you always wanted kids but can’t have them for any reason Father’s Day sucks. 
If your relationship Dad was not the loving one most of us get to take for granted Father’s Day sucks. 
If any of the above applies to you my heart goes out to you, I hope you find a peaceful path through the day and that there is someone in your life that will hear you if you are in pain. If not then please get in touch and we’ll find you your nearest Grief Recovery Specialist who can help you find a peaceful heart once more. 
If any of the above applies to someone you care about, please listen to them without judgement, criticism or analysis. Above all try to think yourself as a heart with ears. 
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On 24th June 2018 at 23:52, Lucille wrote:
We buried my daughters dad (my ex-husband )in April 2018, Its the 1st father's day for her without him Unfortunately, i forgot to talk to her about it. She still bought her step-dad a gift
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