Carole Henderson, Managing Director of Grief Recovery UK went live on Facebook with Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Jill Attree this week, discussing Jill's personal story of loss, how she found the Grief Recovery Method and unveiling a big surprise. 

Faced with sudden loss 

Jill was on holiday in 2013 when she received a shocking message - her older sister had suddenly collapsed and was not expected to live. Jill needed to travel home immediately and found herself grieving the loss of her sister while trying to be strong for everyone else. "The shock was completely overwhelming, I didn't know what to do with myself." 
Jill eventually realised that her grief was causing her to be physically ill and contacted the Grief Recovery Institute. In July 2018, she finally trained to be a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. "It was whilst doing my own personal work I realised that my grief was more than the death of my grief was of course for my dear sister Sharon, but also for a life event that had been going on for me for a very very long time and I hadn't associated it with grief." 
With the support, guidance, feelings of safety and structure provided by the programme, she was able to get through it and move on to the next stage of her life. 

Starting out as a Specialist 

Jill was worried about using technology and finding her first clients as a Specialist. However she was able to rely on the team at Grief Recovery UK and on her fellow Specialists to help her get started. "When you do your training, you become part of an incredibly special family, and I can't emphasize that enough. They are always there for you and give you ideas; there's always someone there to support you." Slowly but surely, she began finding clients both locally and online. She has now left her job in education to work with people using the Grief Recovery Method full time. 

A Special Surprise 

Due to lockdown, Carole wasn't able to be there in person to present Jill with an award for her outstanding impact as a Grief Recovery Specialist. Thanks to her amazing work with clients, offering the Helping Children with Loss programme, and a number of "firsts" it was unanimously decided that Jill was the standout Grief Recovery Specialist of the year 2020. Watch the full interview, complete with surprise ending, above! 
Jill Attree Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

Recovery is Possible 

We are so grateful that Jill was willing to sit down with us and share her story - perhaps one day it will be you! Do you feel inspired to try the Grief Recovery Method to work through a significant personal loss? If so, order a copy of the handbook or find your nearest Specialist. Our group of Advanced Specialists are able to offer online programmes with no waiting time.  
Find out more about training to become a Grief Recovery Specialist on our training pages and see how you can learn to help others heal their broken hearts. 

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