Yesterday we recommended having a plan for the days leading up to Christmas and New Years and of course for the holidays themselves. 
If you have a conversation with your family and make a plan for the holiday, consider adding a new tradition or two. This can be something to look forward to, or something that is focussed around the loved one you are missing. You may, for example, play their favourite board game, tell their favourite stories, light a special candle and listen to a particular song, go for a long walk together, watch a certain film, the sky is the limit. You may also choose an activity that isn’t at all related to the holiday. 
grief, bereavement
The purpose of starting a new tradition is not to distract ourselves from our loss, but rather to find a way to acknowledge our feelings in a way that feels better than doing nothing at all - or worse, pretending nothing has happened (when it of course has). Doing things differently this year does not mean you’ve forgotten your loved one. However when you’ve been through a major change, things will be different anyway – it's better to have a plan and deliberately choose to celebrate differently rather than hoping it all just goes away. 
Coping with bereavement at holidays, Christmas
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