Do you grieve around the holidays even though you haven't experienced the death of someone close? 
Grief is the normal and natural response to a loss of any kind. The holidays without our loved ones can be heartbreaking because certain traditions, scents, music and objects remind us of their death. Their absence is painfully obvious. However holidays can also be very difficult for people who do not have a family to celebrate with for other reasons. 
alone on Christmas
If they have experienced the recent breakdown of a relationship through divorce or separation, for example, the absence of their former partner, children and extended family may be incredibly painful. 
alone at Christmas, no family at Christmas
Then there are those whose children, siblings, parents or other relatives no longer communicate with the family, either with or without an explanation. They too will be likely to experience more grief around the holidays. 
Many have difficulties enjoying this time of year because they long for a family of their own. Perhaps they have never been in a serious relationship or have experienced a breakup. Or they had expected to have children by this time in their lives and are painfully reminded of this when they see images of happy families opening presents around the Christmas tree. 
Sadness at the holidays is unfortunately something that many of us experience. In acknowledging this fact, you can begin to change the way you spend the holiday. Perhaps you decide to volunteer and spend the holiday caring for others. You may get an invitation to spend Christmas with friends. Sharing your feelings with someone you trust is a good place to start. We would also recommend avoiding social media, as this increases feelings of isolation. 
If you are grieving it’s important that you seek help regarding your losses so that they are not a continuous source of pain. You may not choose to do it at Christmas time, but it may be a good thing to do in the new year. 
lonely on Christmas, alone during the holidays
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