During Grief Awareness Week we posted the quote "Say their name: - I'm thinking about them anyway." This is particularly applicable to holiday gatherings with family. 
Many times well-meaning loved ones hesitate to mention a person who is missing because they fear upsetting someone. The loss soon becomes the "elephant in the room". This is true not only for the first Christmas after a loss, but for all of the holidays that follow for years to come. 
memories at Christmas
However talking about loved ones at the holidays will actually make it easier for everyone to feel comfortable. Memories can be painful, but pretending they don't exist makes the pain and isolation even worse. 
bereavement, grief
It may be scary at first, but all it takes is for you to say, “this song makes me think of … This was his favourite.” Others may then feel relieved that the ice has been broken and finally feel comfortable enough to say what they’ve been thinking about. This is a recipe for connection and a much easier, happier occasion. You may even wish to create a new tradition around sharing favourite memories or remembering someone with a special song, poem, meal or object. 
Share about those you grieve; it’s a way to honour and include them in the holidays. It's also a way to grow together as a family and help you all feel less alone in your grief. 
bereavement, grief
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