Lockdown has given many people the time to spring clean their wardrobes and now that shops have reopened, charity shops are reaping the rewards. But how many of you have spent the time working on yourself and clearing out unwanted pain and feelings of loss? 
Coming to terms with Lockdown and all the unusual elements that have accompanied it is not something we’re used to. We are a nation of grievers due to the losses we’ve experienced this year. You may have lost a loved one or a friend to COVID-19 and not been able to say goodbye, you may have lost your ‘normal’, you may have lost the routine of going to work, been furloughed, or made redundant. You may have had a loss of health, a loss of financial security, a loss of hopes and dreams if your special birthday or wedding got cancelled. We’re all grieving our losses. 
Spring cleaning

It's actually unresolved grief 

Do any of these grief symptoms sound familiar: sleeplessness, eating or drinking too much, keeping busy, feeling short-tempered, or anxious? They could be the signs of unresolved grief, the feelings that you’re burying, rather than acknowledging. 
Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. Therefore, the feelings you are having are also normal and natural for you. 

What can you do about it? 

Be emotionally honest with yourself. How are you really feeling? By naming your feelings, you’re taking the sting out them. Are you feeling nervous, anxious, sad, disappointed, vulnerable, angry...? This can also help you to see how your feelings are affecting your decisions
Find someone you can talk to, who you can talk to without judgement. Being heard is particularly important for grievers. The chances are, they need to be heard, too. You go first and tell them how you’re really feeling. Then let them tell you how they’re feeling, as well. Just be present and let them have their say without interruption, without trying to fix them. Think of yourself as a ‘heart with ears.’ 

How we can help 

Grief UK is an education and training organisation that teaches The Grief Recovery Method, the only evidence-based* grief programme globally that gives people the tools and skills to learn how to move beyond death, divorce, and other losses. 
Our eight-part programme is now available for hour-long, one-to-one sessions via Zoom with our Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialists, who can be found here
Once restrictions are lifted, we have specialists around the country who can offer face-to-face support for one-to-one and group sessions. 
We also have a book, The Grief Recovery Handbook, which can be purchased here. 
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