"Happy Valentine's Day?" Whether this holiday makes you sad, angry or goes by without notice, here are some tips for getting through the day if you feel triggered by the roses, sweets and hearts. 
How to survive Valentine's Day
1. We're always told not to feel bad, but it's a total myth. Some of us get irritable, cynical or angry on Valentine's Day because deep down we may be hurting. That's okay. Rather than running away from your feelings or masking them with sarcasm, what about feeling them this year? Chances are it won't be nearly as painful as you may think. Sometimes we dread feeling our feelings because we think we won't be able to stop feeling bad - however feelings that are expressed are much quicker to dissipate and be replaced by relief! 
2. Keeping ourselves busy is just another way of distracting ourselves from our feelings. Valentine's Day may seem like the perfect opportunity to stay late at work or clean out the garage...but is that really helping? If you feel a strong impulse to run or bury yourself in activity, consider stopping, breathing, and being present with whatever feelings arise. Even if it's scary. 
3. It doesn't always have to be this way. Taking action - for example by picking up a copy of the Grief Recovery Handbook - has been proven effective in handling the pain of loss. This may very well be the last Valentine's Day you need to feel like this! 
4. Valentine's Day is about love. You don't need a partner in order to celebrate love! Do you have a pet? Could you reach out to a parent or a sibling and say hi? Perhaps spread kindness in the workplace? Or perhaps you can give some love to yourself by spending a cozy evening at home with a warm cuppa and your favourite film? You are deserving of love in any circumstance...let us know how you're spending the day in the comments! 
If all else fails, do know that we are here to support you - ring 01234 862218 just to talk! 
Lonely on Valentine's Day
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