It’s strange how our minds string seemingly unconnected thoughts together. I sure you’ve done it – suddenly wondered how you got to be thinking or talking about a particular topic and back tracked through a chain of thoughts to figure out where it started. 
This morning my trigger for this blog was a trailer for the 3D version of the Pixar film “Monsters Inc”. I already love this film. Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen it then you might want to stop reading here. It’s an amusing story of the Monsters that live under the bed and come out at night to scare children. In their world power is generated by capturing children’s screams. However, they eventually discover that laughter – happiness is a much more powerful energy source. 
This set me thinking. I’ve watched quite a few presentations and webinars and read books about the secrets of success when Pixar put it much more succinctly. When you base your world on love rather than fear you will be far more powerful. 
As we get older and we’ve experienced heart break more than once, experienced failure more than once it is not surprising that we start to operate from fear. We stick at jobs we hate for fear of not being able to pay the bills; we stay in wrong relationships for fear of being alone or from the fear of causing hurt to others and we start new ones with the fear of being hurt ourselves. Sadly all this achieves is more fear, more loneliness and lack of fulfilment. 
By letting go of fear, by realising that the past does not control the future unless we choose to let it and operating from a position of love things start to work much more effectively. When we do something we love we become motivated & effective so the rewards follow. When we enter a new relationship with the expectation of love rather than hurt it has a real chance of being successful. 
When I first read the Grief Recovery Handbook 5 years ago I hoped it would help me heal from a huge emotional loss. I had no idea that it would lead me to a way of living that brings genuine contentment, a successful growing business doing something I love passionately and the ability to embrace a new relationship with an open, whole heart. The difference is that unlike all those books and webinars this little book gives you step by step instructions on how to get there. 
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