This week Grief Recovery Specialist and Trainer Phyl Edmonds is speaking at the Mental Health Forward Thinking Implementation Plan Conference in Manchester. This five-year major transformation programme for mental health sets out how services will help reach a million more people a year by 2022. 
The plan commits to improving access to high-quality care, 
delivering more integrated services and earlier interventions in a short timescale. National action, across a range of services, is required to put the plans into practice and ensure a long-neglected part of the care system is overhauled, expanded, and improved upon. 
Phyl’s looking forward to telling her inspirational story of recovery from the pits of suicidal despair; and how her experience is helping to shape early intervention strategies, build community resilience, and improve access to treatment via co-production in Telford & Wrekin. Following a series of significant losses, including the death of her husband by suicide, Phyl Edmonds faced a stark choice – live or die – and will be sharing that it is possible to fully recover from unimaginable grief, guilt, and torment. 
While grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, and is not an illness it is often treated as one. Phyl’s work in Shropshire and beyond alongside the rest of the team at Grief Recovery UK is helping professionals recognise unresolved grief – correct identification leads to ensuring the correct guidance is given. 
If you are a Mental Health Professional who would like to offer Grief Recovery programmes to their clients click here for more information. 
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