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Have you ever lost a pet and found that you’ve grieved in silence? Without realising it, others can be extremely hurtful and unhelpful with their reactions, such as ‘It was only a cat,’ or ‘Are you going to get another dog?’ While others might not understand our pain, we often don’t know how to help ourselves, either. 
Losing a pet, especially if you’ve had a close bond, can feel as devastating as losing a close relative or friend. Your feelings may have been amplified if your pet died during Lockdown, and perhaps even left you feeling isolated. 
Grief caused by loss of a pet
Grief is usually associated with the experience of loss, but anticipatory grief can start as soon as you become aware that death is on the cards. Once death is even just a possibility, it wouldn’t be unusual to start grieving. 
Anticipatory grief can bring about many of the same symptoms of grief, including sadness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and feeling down. We may also grieve the person who is dying’s loss of independence, hopes, stability, and identity. 
You may also find yourself in a heightened state of alert, waiting for the phone to ring, or watching your loved one deteriorate a bit more. This can feel exhausting. If your loved one has had a long-term illness during the last few months when hospital visits are only permitted right at the end of life, this feeling of waiting for the phone to ring may have been even more heightened. 
Anticipatory Grief
You’re about to experience a results day like no other. Your hard work has ended with no exams and what you could have achieved had you sat the exams will always remain a mystery.  
This is on top of a year of losses of what you would have normally experienced at the end of school and our hearts go out to you. 
If Results Day feels like an earthquake, how you respond to those feelings is in your control, the results are not. What you decide to do next is down to you. Remember, everyone will react differently and that is ok. 
Going back to the classroom after lockdown
Tomorrow morning will bring a very unusual results day for A-Level students across the country, results for examinations they haven’t had to sit.  
This group of students have already experienced different losses this year around the loss of normal, routine, school or sixth form, proms, and more.  
We wish you all the best of luck and hope that you get the results you were hoping for. 
Going back to the classroom after lockdown
If you had one more day with your loved one what would you say?  
We often hear about regrets grievers have had about not communicating something before their loved one died, such as “I wish I had told them how much I love them,” or “If only I had told them what impact they had on my life.” 
Carrying this around can cause great pain to some. Others may feel guilt, especially if there was a less than happy final conversation. 
Physical pain due to grief
For the first time in months, millions of people across the UK no longer have to follow strict shielding guidance after rules were relaxed on Saturday. But with experts warning many people still don’t feel ‘safe enough’ to leave their homes, are you suffering from coronavirus anxiety? 
Whether you're leaving the house for the first time and feeling apprehensive, or you're scared about someone you love leaving the safety of their home, what you are feeling is perfectly normal and understandable
Financial loss during lockdown
Were you planning to reopen your business this weekend, only to be told otherwise on Friday?  
Are you in one of the new Lockdown areas and having to close for business again?  
We can only imagine your disappointment after lots of careful planning.  
Although you might see the logic in it, it’s perfectly understandable to feel annoyed and frustrated. 

Are you feeling aggrieved? 

When people tell you to be strong
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