As the summer term comes to an end, our thoughts turn to head teachers who have spent five months with the emotional load of rethinking everything, thinking about every little detail of how to keep staff and children safe all the time. 
Every week has seemed to bring about another load of different procedural changes, then there was the need to open for key workers’ children, then Reception, Year 1, and Year 6, then wider opening, and it must have been like jugging multiple schools simultaneously. 
Not only has the building been under the spotlight, but so has providing a home school provision under the scrutiny of parents and the wider world. 

Feeling Burned Out or Overwhelmed? 

Just when you thought you were coming out of this, planning for full opening in September is underway, considering how to deliver the curriculum, planning for partial closures, local Lockdowns, staff, and children’s wellbeing… It would be understandable and perfectly acceptable if you’re feeling burned out and overwhelmed. We wanted to acknowledge this. 

A Common Misconception of Leadership 

There is a misconception that because you are a leader, you need to be seen to be strong. We wanted to tell you that you don’t need to strong, you need to be human and you need to be heard. 
Here’s our summer ‘heart’work for you: 
Take care of your basic needs. Sleep, eat and exercise 
Don’t replace your feelings of stress with excess alcohol, cigarettes, or food, as this is likely to lead to you feeling worse in the longer term 
Be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling and talk to someone who will listen without judging or interruption 
Give yourself time to breathe, even if it’s sitting outside for five minutes and closing your eyes 
Read our free Living Through Lockdown ebook for more ways to take care of yourself 
We can also help you to prepare for September with our wealth of resources. 
1. Resources 
We are creating lots of resources that you can use before and after schools are fully open. These include posters, tips, articles, lesson plans, videos and more, which are being made available here
If you have a specific need or want relating to the kind of resources you’d like to see, please email us on 
2. When Children Grieve Book 
We have a definitive guide to helping children really deal with loss from the authors of the Grief Recovery Handbook and founders of the Grief Recovery Institute. You can order as many copies as you need from our online shop
3. Helping Children Deal with Loss Programme 
This programme for adults will teach you how to communicate with the children in your care about losses they have experienced and those they yet might face. Led by a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist this programme uses When Children Grieve as the textbook as you work through the process step by step over four weekly sessions. More information can be found here
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