Were you planning to reopen your business this weekend, only to be told otherwise on Friday?  
Are you in one of the new Lockdown areas and having to close for business again?  
We can only imagine your disappointment after lots of careful planning.  
Although you might see the logic in it, it’s perfectly understandable to feel annoyed and frustrated. 

Are you feeling aggrieved? 

When people tell you to be strong
You may also be feeling aggrieved by what might be perceived as a double standard from government, with hairdressers allowed to reopen but beauty salons staying closed, or gyms being able to open while children’s soft play areas are unable to. 
The hope of resuming your business has been taken away and you might be feeling lost. What you are feeling is perfectly normal for you. It’s easy to think, “I shouldn’t be feeling so angry/sad/upset, at least I’m healthy, or my family haven’t had to deal with losing someone from COVID-19.” When you do this, you detract your own feelings because it’s “not as bad” as something else. 

You don’t need to be strong; you need to be heard 

Feel the emotions you are feeling. If you feel like crying, then cry. If you feel better writing things down, write them down. Even better, if you can find someone to talk to without fear of judgement, then tell them how you’re really feeling. 
You don’t need to be strong; you need to be heard. Tell someone who you trust what’s going on and how you’re really feeling. Talk to someone who will listen without interruption or judgement. It might be that you are able talk to other businesses in your sector and share your experiences.  
It’s important not to compare losses, as everyone will have their own unique experience and again, you don’t want to detract your own or their feelings because your experiences are “not as bad” as each other’s. 

How we can help: 

You are in a safe place to share your feelings on our social media pages. We have many free resources on our website, including tips on how to support colleagues, and a network of Grief Recovery Specialists who can help.  
The Grief Recovery Handbook, also available from the website, takes you through a structured method to help you with the pain of your loss. 
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