Are you dragging a heavy load of pain with you as you go about life? 
Here are some signs: 
1. You find it harder to be amused by jokes or things meant to be funny. 
2. You’re tired and irritable but don’t understand why. 
3. There are certain topics/songs/films/places you avoid because they remind you of something uncomfortable in your past. 
4. You seem to be angry at something but you can’t put your finger on what that is. 
5. You numb out on TV, food, your phone or other “guilty pleasures” whenever you start to feel sad. 
All of us are burdened by certain events or relationships that weigh us down. The trouble is, over time we get so used to carrying this extra weight that we don’t even notice it’s there anymore (or remember how it got there). 
tired from past losses
They say time heals, but actually it just helps you grow more accustomed to the load you are carrying. 
The Grief Recovery Method is a set of action steps that anyone can take to unlock the chain to the pain caused by losses or grievances in the past. There’s no blame or shame, judgement or analysis. Nor does it require you to forget or condone things that have caused you pain. 
What the Grief Recovery Method provides is a path for you to take going forward, so that you’re able to enjoy the adventures of life again with a lighter heart. You will also know what to do when losses occur in your life. 
If you’re sick of dragging sadness, guilt, resentment, rage and disappointment around with you on a daily basis, please inquire about our programmes or find your nearest Specialist here
Coping with depression
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