Last night I sat dumbfounded in front of the TV. I’m often frustrated by inaccurate portrayal of grief but the programme I saw last night seemingly wasn’t about grief, it was about bad practice at the nation’s biggest chain of funeral homes – The Co-op. 
The programme was shocking in that clearly the people shown had no respect for their clients, all of whom are those least able to make a decision – grievers. Grief almost always reduces a person’s ability to concentrate, causing them to be vulnerable to miss-selling which is why the NAFD has such a strict code of conduct. Clearly certain individuals had seen ways to capitalise on this and set out to confuse and hoodwink clients instead of being there to help them achieve the real objective: to create an accurate memory picture of the person who lived. 
One lady interviewed had the horrendous experience of having the wrong coffin delivered to her Mother’s funeral. Luckily the mistake was realised but it meant the family standing around waiting while the Funeral Director located the actual body and when Mum did arrive she wasn’t in a hearse but was delivered in a van. Naturally the family were extremely upset about it all and while the company waived charges, apologised & offered compensation the wrong wasn’t righted. It simply isn’t possible to go back and do it all again. This lady feels stuck, that she wasn’t able to say goodbye and I couldn’t help but wonder had no one suggested a memorial service? This is not about fees and money but about pain, about grief. A memorial service could help this lady and the rest of her family focus on all the memories of Mum, allow them to pay a fitting tribute – to say goodbye and allow them to move forward. 
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