Father’s Day is on Sunday – how will you be celebrating? 
For many of us, Father’s Day brings about memories and thoughts that may be painful. Here are just a few of the situations that can make Father’s Day a difficult holiday to enjoy: 
Having lost a father (or father figure) 
Wanting, but not being able to, have children 
Having a difficult relationship with your father/children 
Being a widow with children who will miss their father on Sunday 
Being a father who has no contact with his children 
Being a father whose child has died, gone missing, run away 
Growing up with an absent father or a father you never knew 
Having a serious illness and spending Father's Day in hospital 
Father's Day when you're grieving
Depending on your situation, you may prefer to spend Father’s Day hiding in bed rather than looking at your Facebook feed or leaving the house. If that is the case for you, please don’t wait for another Father’s Day to pass you by without taking some action. It is possible to use the Grief Recovery Method to work on relationships that are painful, regardless of the circumstances. 
It is also possible that Father’s Day has you feeling melancholy or reflective. This is totally normal – especially on days such as these, which are loaded with heavy expectations, we may feel a bit out of sorts. A mixture of different emotions is to be expected. 
If someone you know may be going through a hard time this Father’s Day, perhaps they need to hear from you...you could be the friend that helps them through. Listening without judgement and being a “heart with ears” is a wonderful way to start. They may just need a hug, a phone call or someone who is willing to listen. 
Father's Day when you're bereaved
How does Father’s Day feel for you? Let us know in the comments...we would love to hear from you. 
Father's Day loss and grief
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