Are you still not over that? 

A guide on what NOT to say to someone who is grieving and some ideas on what you should. 

When I was first widowed I was so appalled, hurt and frustrated by some of the things I heard I vowed to write a book about what should never be said to someone who is grieving and what IS helpful. It's taken me a long time but the book is finally coming together. I want it to be so much more than my personal experience so your contributions are invaluable in helping me make this a really useful tool for anyone who doesn't want to suffer from "foot in mouth" disease ever again! 
Carole Henderson Managing Director Grief Recovery Europe
Please let me know the story of the single most hurtful thing you heard when you were grieving, and if you can a little about what made it so hurtful. I need your email address so I can get in touch if I use your comment. In the other comments field please let me know if you'd like your real name to be used (I will change all names unless asked not to)  
Other than that you won't hear from me unless you opt in for updates on the book and/or updates from Grief Recovery generally. 
When you complete the form you can opt in to get updates about the book - including being the first to get a chance to get a copy. 
Thank you in advance for your contribution on behalf of all those people who won't be told "it was for the best" and other, well meaning yet hurtful twaddle! 
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