Grief Recovery Method as an income generator 

It is fair to say that no one decides to do Grief Recovery work because they want to get rich! However, if you're thinking of becoming a Grief Recovery Specialist then you'll want to know about the return on your investment. 

How much can I charge? 

Set your own rates 
We do not have suggested rates because there are so many variables however, a good place to start is researching what counsellors and therapists charge in the area where you are planning to work. See examples below.  
Charge something 
Over the years we have discovered what any business coach will also tell you: people value what they pay for and tend not to value what they get free. This is why we encourage even those offering Grief Recovery as part of a charity service to offer it in return for a donation or pay it forward.  
Your income is yours 
We do not take any % or royalty. 100% of what you charge is yours. 
Finding clients 
Although we help with marketing support materials it is down to you to find your clients. The best way to do this is through giving talks in your community and networking formally through business groups or informally through your own contact circles and social media. Classic advertising doesn't work. Once you have completed your pilot programmes after your training you can opt in, free of charge, to the map of Grief Recovery Specialists on our website. Depending on where you live you may well receive referals this way. This is much more likely if you live in a high population area than if you are very rural. 
So how quickly can I get my money back? 
Probably the easiest way to look at this is to consider some examples. 
Let's say that in your area most therapists charge £70 an hour. The GRM 1-1 programme is 7 hour long sessions and because it's a complete programme we recommend charging for the course rather than by the hour so you could charge £70 x 7 = £490. The advantage for your client is they know exactly how much they are committed to from the begining unlike traditional therapies where the number of sessions needed is unknown.  
You would need just 3 clients to get your training fee back. 
You may also consider running groups. There are lots of advantages to groups as particpants learn a lot from each other as well as you plus they get to share the cost of your time so it makes it more accessible for those on a limited budget.  
It is up to you how you price a group but this is how I would do it:  
There are 8 sessions of 2 hours each in the group programme = 16 hours. 
Using £70 an hour as above the total revenue should be £70 x 16 hours = £1120. 
Assuming a minimum group is 4 people I divide the total by 4 = £1120 / 4 = £280 per head. 
So after 1 groups with just 6 people in you have recouped your training investment . 
Of course you can do both 1-1 and groups so you see it needn't take very long to recoup your investment. 
If you really want to grow your private practice then the perfect programme to reach into the community is the "Helping Children Deal with Loss" programme. This programme is written for parents and we've also had great success in taking it into schools and other professionals who have children in their care. Running this programme in 1 school for teachers and teaching assistants at just £150 a head (it is possible to charge much more depending on your area) would more than recoup your training investment on any package. 
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"Find out if this is right for you, there is absoutely no pressure - you can only do this work for yourself not because anybody persuaded you to." 

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