What is involved in the training? 

Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is unlike most training you will have undergone before. Working with grief is a very human experience and we like to keep the training as human as possible. Therefore we use extremely little technology in the workshop, instead most of the time you will either be listening to your instructor give information, participating in discussion or working on your own or in small groups on practical work. 

2 part programme: 
Part 1 - the Personal Workshop 
We strongly believe that it is wrong to ask someone else to do something we haven't done ourselves. Therefore the first half of the training is a personal workshop where we ask you to temporarily park the desire to help others and help yourself. Your trainer will lead you through the Grief Recovery Method step by step as you work on a personal loss. You will also get additional information about why the steps are there to help inform you to be ready to share these steps with your future clients.  
Part 2 - the Certification 
Having completed the Grief Recovery Method we then proceed to teach you how to teach it to others, covering additional skills that you'll need along the way.  
By the end of the programme you will be able to: 
understand the GRM definitions of grief 
identify the 40+ life events that invoke grief 
understand how misinformation surrounding grief and loss impedes recovery 
recognise Short Term Energy Relieving Behaviours that appear to help recovery but actually suppress it. 
understand the actions required to complete recovery 
know how to help others achieve the actions required, leading them safely through the process with compassion 
recognise that you are the guide to a person's recovery - you can't do it for them 
demonstrate how each action is achieved remembering that in Grief Recovery "leader always goes first" 
understand how to promote the benefits of Grief Recovery to maximise participation 
Day 1 
Day 2 
What is grief 
What is Grief Recovery 
Where grief begins 
Importance of personal responsibility 
Impact of losses of all kinds 
common responses to unresolved grief 
unresolved grief and negative habits 
how incomplete loss occurs 
Recap day 1 
Assigment review 
Experiential exercise 1 
Experiential exercise 2 
Role of recovery components 
The relationship review 
Day 3 
Day 4 
Recap day 2 
Assignment review 
Introduction to completion 
Experiential exercise 3 
Communication techniques 
Common client challenges 
Boundaries and self care 
Recap day 3 
Assignment review 
delivering GRM programmes 
Working 1-1 
Facilitating groups 
Helping Children group 
Marketing your practice 
Support Tools 
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"Find out if this is right for you, there is absoutely no pressure - you can only do this work for yourself not because anybody persuaded you to." 

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Grief Recovery Certification Training Brochure 2020
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