How is the Grief Recovery Method different to bereavement counselling? 

Any Loss 
bereavement is the number 1 reason people contact us but it's not the only life event that creates grief. Because the Grief Recovery Method acknowledges this and gives you the tools to help heal a broken heart no matter what the cause, even if someone contacts you because they have been bereaved, you can offer comprehensive support for ALL their losses. Grief is cummulative and cummulatively negative. In reality most people have multiple losses and the presenting loss is the one that leads to the realisation they need help. 
Head v Heart 
counselling is a wonderful tool to help people discover why they feel a certain way and can help them reach an understanding of their feelings.  
It is our view that while an intellectual understanding takes us some way to feeling better, the human heart is not rational and doesn't respond to intellect. Therefore in order to heal hearts we need to take actions that address the heart, rather than the head.  
Actions v talking 
while talking about how we feel can be cathartic it can also leave us feeling "well what's changed?" As any coach will tell you it is actions that bring change. Just as talking about going to the gym doesn't get you fit, although it might get you into the right mindset - you actually need to do the exercises to get fit and to feel the benefits of being fitter. The same is true for your emotional fitness. Talking and planning can get you into the right mind set but to see results you have to take the correct actions. The Grief Recovery Method teaches the correct exercises, step by step that actually allow the release of the pain, the end to all those "I wish I'd said/not said, I wish I'd done/not done" that tend to keep grievers trapped on the mental hamster wheel of pain. 
The Grief Recovery Method is a set of tools that, as a Grief Recovery Specialist, you teach your client over the course. Once they have completed the course they are then empowered to use the tools as often as they need as more losses occur. This means you are teaching them a skill of real value in their future life and while they may choose to return to do more losses with you they don't have to. Right from the start they know exactly what they are in for when they book a programme with you, unlike traditional talking therapies where the number of sessions maybe open ended.  
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