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Duncan Lightfoot 
As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, I work in my local area with adults, who have suffered a loss, grieving after a death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, moving house or loss of a pet, and this programme helps them learn how to get on with their lives. 
In July 2014 I experienced three major milestones in my life, all within the period of 2 weeks - a tumour was found in my bladder, I was made redundant after 14 years and my mother died. 
Like my tumour, my redundancy was not expected, and although my mother was 89, I wasn’t expecting her to die. 
Nothing had really prepared me for these losses all happening together and this was a difficult period for me. Whilst I did eventually find further employment, it was not what I wanted. 
These events did enable me to focus on my priorities in life, like my family, friends, health, fitness and looking for more ways of helping out in my local community. 
However, it was whilst I was working with my younger sister who has mental health issues, as she is struggling to deal with ME, Compulsive Hoarding & mild OCD, that I realised that her condition appeared to be have deep rooted causes based on long term grief and loss. 
During this time, I came across “The Grief Recovery Method” and realised how unique, useful and different this method would be and I was keen to learn more. 
As soon as I read the website, I became excited and wanted to know more, so after a chat with Carole Henderson (MD of Grief Recovery UK), I immediately signed up to complete the training to become a “Certified Grief Recovery Specialist”, which I completed recently in Blackpool, enabling me to deal with my own losses, other people’s losses, broken hearts and grief. 
The Grief Recovery Method has been tried & tested programme over 30 years, and it works with both groups and individuals in a safe & secure environment over an 8 week period. 
I live with my wife in Sevenoaks, recently retiring from the Construction Industry. I run in my spare time, a qualified Running Coach with “Oaks Blokes”, a local sociable running group, where I encourage men of all ages to become fit, improve their running or learn how to run from scratch. I am on the local race committee (Weald St.Georges 10K) for this annual event, and I am involved with scouts and help out at the nearby 1st Ightham Scout Group, as an Assistant Scout Leader. 
Catherine Best Grief Recovery Specialist

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Grief Recovery Blog 

  • Is Grief really the "price of love"?
    The wealth of information at our fingertips and the speed at which material is shared on the internet mean that misinformation tends to spread more quickly than ever before. Since this can contribute to the isolation of grievers and eventually lead to unresolved grief, we think it is important to continue spreading awareness of the myths surrounding loss and bereavement.
  • Moving can cause grief - how to help your child cope
    Did you know that moving is a major loss for a child? Often, well-meaning adults try to focus on the positive and remind their children of everything they have to look forward to at their new home. But how can we really comfort a child before, after and during a move?
  • Grief when you're looking for love
    For those of us who don't have a significant other, the relationship of our dreams, or have a broken heart, holidays such as birthdays, Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve can feel lonely and difficult.

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Adult programme to learn how to talk to your children about grief and loss Grief & Bereavement using Grief Recovery Method in a group format Grief & Bereavement help using the Grief Recovery Method in a 1-1 format Grief Recovery for when you have lost a pet

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