Train to Help Others Move Beyond Loss 

Never again have to wonder what more you could have done 
As a Celebrant you work hard to deliver the perfect ceremony for your families. Over the days & weeks you build a close relationship and then it comes to an end. If you have ever felt that you wanted to do more then this programme is for you. The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is a unique package designed specifically to assist you to help those with broken hearts retake a productive place in the mainstream of their lives.  
We are pleased to offer all IoCF members 10% off the Certification fee. In order to receive the discount please ensure you use the booking link from this page only and include your membership number on the booking form. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  

Why be a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist? 

Learn how to safely lead your clients through the actions that lead to recovery 
Start work as soon as you've finished your training 
Be able to assist with any loss - no matter the cause or how long ago 
Work with individuals or groups 
Access ongoing support from your trainers 
Interact with other Specialists around the world 

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As someone who has a deep desire to help others suffering with grief, you need to know that the training you undertake will be effective. You want to leave the training with confidence in the tools that you have been given and the support that you will get on an ongoing basis. 
Unlike bereavement training courses you may have seen, the Grief Recovery Method offers a structured programme irrespective of the nature of the loss. So while many of our clients have suffered the loss of someone important in their life through death, others come to us with broken hearts following divorce, separation or family break up; business failure, pet loss, job redundancy and many more. Indeed we have listed more than 40 life events that invoke grief, all of which can be helped using The Grief Recovery Method. 

This training is Quality Checked by the NCS 

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Included in the package price is unlimited support by email, skype or phone from Grief Recovery UK and in the unlikely event we can't help further support is available from the team in the USA. 
We believe we are unmatched in the amount of support our graduates can access without extra charge for a full 12 months from completing the training. When 12 months is up there is a very modest £93.60 (inc VAT) licence renewal fee which comes with a range of benefits. 
There are thousands of Grief Recovery Specialists around the world helping us achieve our mission of “greatest number of people helped in the shortest possible time”. 
Are you ready to help change lives for the better? Hear from others who've done it: 

"The training provides a wonderful toolbox that I can share with others.  I find it amazing how much support and guidance I get"  Imke Klie, Interfaith Minister & Celebrant 

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A newly qualified group of Grief Recovery Specialists

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"I am so delighted to have done this programme as it has definitely enhanced my business and more importantly, The Grief Recovery Method has improved the emotional well being of my clients…" 
Emer Hennelly, Galway, Ireland Psychotherapist & Counsellor 
This grief training encompasses the principles and actions developed over the past 40 years by John W. James and Russell Friedman, the founders of The Grief Recovery Institute®, and co-authors of The Grief Recovery® Handbook and When Children Grieve. 

Grief is Not an Intellectual Problem 

The uniqueness of the programme lies in the essential idea that grief is the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss. However despite grief being an emotional issue most of the advice out there for grievers is aimed at their intellects rather than their hearts. 

Learn through Personal Experience 

The programme combines both discussion and experiential components. A vital part of the programme is that you experience the Grief Recovery Method for yourself. 
"I feel I have been given a gift, a gift available to all of us once we’ve been shown the simple steps to take to heal ourselves after the many losses we suffer and put us back in the driving seat of our lives. I feel privileged and grateful for the knowledge I have received to allow me to help others so effectively." 
Lianna Champ, Funeral Director & Celebrant, Lancashire 


 Help Others Immediately 

As soon as you have completed the programme you will have all the tools you need to help grievers in a group format or on a one –one basis. While it isn’t possible to become expert in 4 days you will have the skills, lesson materials and support you need to be successful. In addition to the Group programme and One to One formats you’ll also be qualified to run a group for adults designed to teach them how to help their children deal with loss and a specific programme for Pet Loss. 
These formats aren’t support groups or drop in facilities they are structured lessons in the Grief Recovery Method, support from us is available for as long as you need it. 
Imke Klie, Interfaith Minister, Germany 
"The training provides a wonderful toolbox that I can share with others. The training is transformative and essential; it is compulsory for everybody who wants to help grievers. Being a Grief Recovery Specialist I find it amazing how much support and guidance I get" 
We Will Refer Grievers To You 
No matter how people find us, whether through this site or the parent site in the US if they need a Grief Recovery Specialist and they live in your area we’ll refer them to you. As soon as you’re up and running the programmes we’ll pass any enquiries along. 
You Don’t Need A Degree To Help Grieving People 
Because the Grief Recovery Method employs simple action based steps this educational programme needs you only to be a good communicator and have a willingness to help. There are thousands of Certified Grief Recovery Specialists around the world from a wide range of background. 
Click on the headings below to read more 
Grief is an emotion. When we grieve our hearts feel broken. However most traditional methods use an intellectual or psychological approach to try to solve the problem when actually there’s nothing wrong with a grievers head! 
At Grief Recovery UK we don’t fix heads, but by re-educating people about dealing with grief, and helping them complete the unfinished business brought about by a death, divorce or other loss we do help them fix their hearts; allowing them to return to a fulfilling life albeit one that may be different to that they had planned. 
The 4 day intensive classroom training 
Comprehensive training notes including lesson plans for all programme types, 
Material for giving presentations 
Suggested content for marketing materials. 
A copy of each of the 5 books: 
The Grief Recovery handbook 
When Children Grieve 
Moving On 
Moving Beyond Loss 
The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss 
Unlimited Phone & email support on completion 
Access to our online membership area with exclusive content only available to Certified Grief Recovery Specialists® 
Permission to use the Grief Recovery brand on your materials – logos etc will be supplied 
Access to referrals received by The Grief Recovery Institute websites 
Certification Training gives you much more than 4 days in a classroom – it gives you everything you need to deliver Grief Recovery programmes safely and effectively. 
Yes! But you won’t be on your own. As part of your ongoing development as a Certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, you will have access to as much time as you need with your trainer. The availability of immediate guidance as you begin to run your programmes, will give you confidence and safety on behalf of the people you are helping. 
Following her Certification Training Carole Henderson, now Director of Grief Recovery UK contacted Russell before and after every session of her first Group Programme – amounting to over 20 hours of support – even the call was free using Skype. And that support hasn’t ended, when she comes across a situation she’d like a second opinion on John or Cole are always at the end of an email or call for help. 
As with any education programme the best way to learn is to practice, but safely with the knowledge that you’re not alone. 
Programs begin at 8:30am on Day 1 with an Introduction and Orientation Session. 
Participants reconvene each morning at 8:30am and conclude each evening at 5:30pm. 
Sessions deal with The Grief Recovery Method Principles, Concepts of Recovery, How Incomplete Loss Occurs, Identifying Incomplete Losses, Grief Recovery Counselling Skills, Teaching Role Sets, and Development of Completion Exercises, and Practical Application Training. 
There will be homework assignments Days 1,2, & 3 
Times may vary slightly based on number of participants and programme location. A programme itinerary will be forwarded with your confirmation. Check your Confirmation carefully for any time variances. 
When is the next Certification Course? 
We are adding new dates and locations regularly – click here for latest availability 
If you can’t make these dates then register your interest to receive advance notice when new dates/locations 
become available by clicking here 
Frequently Asked Questions 
Please click on a question to read more 
We’ve found that the Grief Recovery concepts work best in a group format. Grievers tend to isolate and groups are an excellent way to end that inclination. Having said that there are plenty of people that can’t or won’t attend a group which is why we also teach you how to deliver the programme in a One to One format. 
You can begin straight away. In fact we actively encourage you to get going as soon as possible while the material is still fresh in your mind and to cement it in place through practice. To that end, we strongly suggest that you do a “practice” group very soon after completing the Training. Don’t forget you can call on Grief Recovery (UK) every step of the way for help as needed. 
Grief is an emotion. When we grieve our hearts feel broken. However most traditional methods use an intellectual or psychological approach to try to solve the problem when actually there’s nothing wrong with a grievers head! 
At Grief Recovery UK we don’t fix heads, but by re-educating people about dealing with grief, and helping them complete the unfinished business brought about by a death, divorce or other loss we do help them fix their hearts; allowing them to return to a fulfilling life albeit one that may be different to that they had planned. 
Once you have paid for your Certification course no further fees are payable for 12 months. There is then a licence renewal fee of £93.60 (inc VAT) 
No. Since grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss and since the Grief Recovery® formats are educational programmes, all that are required, is a loving heart and a genuine desire to help grieving people. Many of our Certified personnel are licensed mental health professionals, and many come from other areas, such as the funeral and cemetery industries and the clergy. Those who are not in the mental health arena often create a referral list of mental health professionals in their community for situations that are outside the range of the Grief Recovery Method®. Many therapists refer clients to our Certified people who are not mental health professionals. These therapists perceive wonderful changes in their clients' ability to move forward after achieving completion in the Group or One to One programmes. 
Yes. A long term license and service agreement allows you to affiliate with the Institute and the intellectual properties protected by copyright law. Since it is not a franchise agreement, any monies you make as the result of providing Grief Recovery services to the public, belong to you. Grief Recovery (UK) only gets the fee you pay for the training. 
No, once you have the Certification you have the skills you need to run the Grief Recovery Programmes. However we do recommend you do the Certification training for a second time within the first year or two as a refresher but this is not compulsory. To make this easier we offer the training at a significant discount to all Certified Grief Recovery Specialists. 
There is no franchise agreement and we make no claims about how much money you can earn working as a Grief Recovery Specialist. You are free to determine your own scale of charges although you may find it helpful to check what others are charging. You may even choose not to charge, the choice is yours. 
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