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Joan Hughes Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist
Joan Hughes 
As a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, I am looking to help others move forward following many different types of loss. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2019. My journey since has been incredibly physically and emotionally challenging as I'm sure you can imagine! As part of my recovery, I completed the 1:1 Grief Recovery Method programme and this had such a huge impact that I went on to become a specialist myself. During the training I was able to work on the loss of my health, alongside other losses I had experienced throughout my life. 
The Grief Recovery Method is an evidence and action based educational programme, providing you with the tools for moving beyond the many different types of grief. These include but are not limited to; death, divorce, loss of health, pets, finances, moving or end of addiction. This programme can either be done on a 1:1 basis or in a group. 
There is also a set programme for schools, talking to teachers and parents in order to help children experiencing loss. 
The Grief Recovery Method has been a key part of my recovery. I would now like to impart my knowledge and reach out to help others who may be stuck in their loss. If you feel you would be interested in undertaking the programme with me as your specialist or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me. 
Joan Hughes Grief Recovery Specialist


"I have been working with Joan and the Grief Recovery Method since Feb 2020. I have so much praise for Joans work. There has been lots to work through for me. The more I do the more I uncover the more I realise there is more to do. Each completion brings so much relief. The first 3 are the most challenging but once I got the hang of this system I was and am keen to keen going. It is difficult to get started but the quality of Joans holding is so nurturing and supportive! I have experience of both in person and Zoom sessions and want to emphasis that both are effective. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work together online as it has been an exceptional resource for me during lockdown in a foreign country. I never felt alone with my grief as it is a shared journey. Please take up this opportunity to learn these tools. They are important and will support you throughout your life. I highly recommend this method to everyone and Joan will guide you through it beautifully." 
"I was privileged to work with Joan through this wonderful programme. The structure of the course really makes sense to me. Using this method helped me realise every angle of my pain and how it was affecting my life. Loss is such a major part of our lives. We all need this. It’s hard to do this work but unless we do we can’t be free. Thank you Joan for lovingly guiding me through each step. I was held by you though out. I looked forward to our sessions.Thank you for teaching me how to cope. I have more work to do but I now have the tools. If you are tempted do get involved. I highly recommend Joan and GRM." 
"I would like to thank Joan Hughes whose help l requested on a grief recovery journey. 
For anyone suffering in silence l can recommend Joan, she helped me deal with issues l had, that l had tried to cope with on my own, and in all honesty l found it hard to even talk about with anyone. 
Joan had a gentleness about her, and a great deal of empathy, and there were moments l wanted to stop talking about it. 
Always there on the phone between appointments she allowed me to make my own sense of everything. 
I thank her most sincerely for her patience and gentle guidance, and can only say that the mental and emotional trauma that had plagued me for so long has now been put into a proper perspective , l can look at it all now, without any problems and know that l am okay with it all. 
So thank you Joan." 
"Joan, I’ve known you many years and I have to tell you that I truly admire you. Life has dealt you many challenges and throughout you have always met them with a calm inner strength. Having faced treatment myself, I think the way you have taken the positive from your biggest challenge yet is truly inspirational. I am certain that you will help others find the calm and path forward in whatever storm or crisis they find themselves in." 
"If you feel trapped by your grief or the pain of loss, unable to feel happy or relaxed, give yourself the opportunity to see the future in a different light. Joan Hughes has supported and assisted me through several occasions in my life when I was bereaved or uncertain about myself. She is gentle, kind and supportive and I recommend her ability to help you find hope for your future, through these proven steps of recovery." 

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