Welcome to Grief Recovery Certification Training 

Joining Instructions 

Any instructions that are specific to the venue you've chosen will be given in an email 7-10 days before the workshop starts. Please check the information below carefully. If you are using public transport please check venue websites for best options and check times carefully - timetables often differ over weekends especially Sundays. If you have any questions please get in touch as soon as possible by phone on 01234 862217 or email office@griefrecoverymethod.co.uk. 
Before the course 
Whilst there is no formal pre-course work, there are a couple of things you can do to maximise your training -  
1) Tell everyone you know what you are doing - this will start to create interest and potentially you'll have some clients for you just waiting to get back from "that thing you did". 
2) Catch up on your sleep. The programme is very intense and most people report feeling very tired during it so arriving tired for the first day could mean you struggle through rather than get the most from the experience. 
3) Read some of the articles and blogs on this site and www.griefrecoverymethod.com to start to become familiar with our language and philosophy. 
4) Read the Grief Recovery Handbook. While this is completely optional (and some people prefer not to know what's coming) you might like to get an idea of the principles in advance. You will get a copy in your welcome pack but if you'd like an extra one now, you can order here
What to pack 
There is only one essential - an open mind. Some of the concepts you will hear will be completely opposite to what you've been taught in the past. While we do not insist you agree with us on everything we would like you to listen to our position first and then decide. 
Other than the open mind, on a practical note please bring: 
A notebook - something that is more substantial than a few sheets of paper held together with a wisp of glue! You may well want to refer back to your notes in future so many people choose to use a new book specific for the purpose. This is for the 2nd half of the training where we teach you how to teach Grief Recovery to others. For the first part of the workshop we'll be asking you not to take notes as it is an experiential workshop. 
A pen. 
Casual, comfortable clothing. I want you to be comfortable, not fidgeting in "smart" wear. 
Layers to wear - it is notoriously difficult to regulate the temperature of a hotel meeting room to a level that is comfortable for all. 
If you're short then a cushion to rest your feet on can be a huge benefit! 
Please be mindful of others and keep perfumes/aftershave to a minimum. 
Registration on day 1 is between 8am and 8.30am, ready to start training at 8.30 sharp. 
We will start work each day at 8.30am. Please be ready in your seat, having got tea/coffee etc by this time. 
We will finish at approximately 5pm each day. This may vary depending on the group discussions; it may be earlier or later than this to allow us to draw the day to a natural close. 
On day 4 we will try to end the day earlier at about 4pm to allow everyone to leave before rush hour however sometimes we do need to run to 5pm to ensure that we've covered everything so please do not book public transport based on finishing at 4pm. 
There will be about 45 minutes "homework" each evening - please allow for this when making any social plans. 
Please note that in order to protect the emotional safety of the group if you arrive very late on day 1 you may be refused admittance. Therefore please allow plenty of time if you are travelling on the day to take into account traffic delays etc, particularly if there is bad weather. The decision to admit or not is at the discretion of the trainer. 
We will provide tea/coffee/water and many venues also provide snacks through the day. Lunch is included - if you have particular dietary needs and haven't already told us please email office@griefrecoverymethod.co.uk asap.  
As well as the course materials we will be providing you with books, a manual, a various other pieces of collateral. For those of you flying in please allow about 3kg space in your luggage. 
As everyone you work with will need their own copy of the book there will also be an opportunity to purchase supplies of books at the weekends which saves you money on shipping. I am happy to invoice you for these so you won't have to pay on the day but again you might want to think about this when planning your luggage. 10 Grief Recovery Handbooks weighs 2kg.  
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