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Carole Henderson 
If your heart is broken, if you feel lost or stuck I can help you. 
Since 2009 I have helped hundreds of people heal their hearts using the Grief Recovery Method. No matter what the cause of your loss I will lead you step by step through the process. You will learn how to let go of "would have", "should have", "could have", "if only", and "Why?" that tend to keep us stuck on the hamster wheel of pain. 
We are often told to "let go and move on" and yet no one seems to tell us how to do that. The Grief Recovery Method shows you how - step by step, week by week so not only can you heal from what is currently breaking your heart, you will also learn a set of tools to be equipped against future losses. Call me to find out more - there is no obligation just a gentle chat to find out if this is right for you. 
Catherine Best Grief Recovery Specialist

What is The Grief Recovery Method? 

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Grief Recovery Blog 

  • When Father's Day isn't Easy
    Depending on your situation, you may prefer to spend Father’s Day hiding in bed rather than looking at your Facebook feed or leaving the house. Here are just a few of the circumstances that could make it difficult to enjoy the holiday.
  • Is it really possible to "recover" from grief?
    The word "recovery" in connection with grief or bereavement may seem a bit difficult to accept - after all, do we even want to recover after a loved one has died, or a partner has left us? Not only that, but there's no way we can go on living as if nothing happened...let's explain what Recovery really means and how it could affect you.
  • Is Grief really the "price of love"?
    The wealth of information at our fingertips and the speed at which material is shared on the internet mean that misinformation tends to spread more quickly than ever before. Since this can contribute to the isolation of grievers and eventually lead to unresolved grief, we think it is important to continue spreading awareness of the myths surrounding loss and bereavement.

The best way to find out if Grief Recovery is for you is to have a chat. Please call - there is absolutely no pressure. 

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You can either get books from me in person or you can order them online from Grief Recovery UK - cheaper than Amazon and just as quick - click on image to go to the online shop. 
Buy books by the Grief Recovery Authors John W James and Russell Friedman online from Grief Recovery UK

Grief Recovery Services I offer 

Adult programme to learn how to talk to your children about grief and loss Grief & Bereavement using Grief Recovery Method in a group format Grief & Bereavement help using the Grief Recovery Method in a 1-1 format Grief Recovery for when you have lost a pet

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