Why a Licence? 

As part of the Certification Package we'll ask you to sign a licence agreement - what does this mean and why do we do this? 

What it's for 
This is a legal document that sets out our promise to you and your promise to us in return. It protects you as it sets out in legal terms our promise to provide ongoing support and access to the advertised programmes. It protects us as it means that you are using our brand according to the brand regulations. It also protects clients as they know that people we refer them to have the qualification and are committed to offering best practice. To give you some peace of mind we've never had anyone refuse to sign. 
Who has to sign it? 
Everyone who wants to train to be a Grief Recovery Specialist has to sign one and everyone is countersigned by Carole Henderson, MD of Grief Recovery. 
Can I cancel it? 
Yes but this means you will no longer be able to call yourself a Grief Recovery Specialist and will not be allowed to provide Grief Recovery programmes to anyone. 
Can I read it in advance? 
Of course! You can download it here and we will send a paper copy out with your welcome pack once we've received your deposit. Also in the welcome pack are some guidance notes to help you understand the legal terminology. 
Click here to book a FREE, no obligation call with Carole.  
"Find out if this is right for you, there is absoutely no pressure - you can only do this work for yourself not because anybody persuaded you to." 

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Grief Recovery Certification Training Brochure 2020
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