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Lindsey Owen Grief Recovery Specialist
Lindsey Owen 
The Grief Recovery Method is the one programme that has enabled me to accept my father leaving suddenly when I was 10 years old and the trauma of events leading up to this. My mother was too heartbroken to talk to me about him and I did not have any contact for the next 16 years until a brief reconciliation. He died suddenly without a chance of me saying goodbye and I had considerable issues around trust because of my childhood. This affected my marriage and I subsequently struggled with my divorce and guilt for my three young children. Other close bereavements had an emotional and physical effect in the following years as well as coping with a young daughter who had a cancer diagnosis. I tried to find ways of coping and ‘healing’ the pain but struggled to find support that would help me to move on. A friend recommended attending the Grief Recovery Method training which was a revelation for me and for the first time in 43 years I felt able to forgive my father and myself for my marriage ending because this enabled me to understand my past emotions and behaviours. 
I am passionate about supporting others experiencing loss and grief and have worked for a hospice in the community which inspired my studies in palliative and supportive care. I’ll support you along the way as a Heart with Ears either 1 to 1 or online so please call for a chat. 
Lindsey Owen Grief Recovery Specialist

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