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Lucy Lord Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist
Lucy Lord 
In 2010 came the end of my marriage and relationship of 13 years, at that point in my life it was the most intense loss I had experienced and was extremely difficult to deal with. Two years later in December 2012 I lost my dad to cancer. Dad's death was very sudden, he died just 6 weeks after his diagnosis. After 7 years of trying to navigate the overwhelming grief and conflicting emotions I was experiencing, the birth of my daughter and loss of my grandparents all within 10 weeks of each other led me to The Grief Recovery Method. I did the training for myself, knowing that this was something I also wanted to share with others. It’s the best decision I ever made for myself and my family. 
It’s an honour to be part of the Grief Recovery Institute and offer this training. I have experienced first hand the direct positive effect it has had on my life and happiness. It is my wish to help and support as many grieving people as possible on their healing journey to a place of recovery. I can work with you on a 1 to 1 basis and also in a group program when they are running. I have also completed the advanced training to be able to offer 1 to 1 sessions online. Please do call so we can discuss how I can support you on your grief recovery journey. 
Lucy Lord Grief Recovery Specialist
"Lucy was really supportive. I felt held through the Grief Recovery process. She explained everything really well and guided me through it. The book and method are great but without the weekly commitment and the support Lucy gave me I wouldn't have completed it. Lucy helped me face my feelings and allowed me to express them in a safe space. I really feel complete now after having gone through the process." - Client Feedback 
"I felt comfortable with Lucy from the first session. She created a safe space for me to talk about grief and express my feelings. I was particularly impressed by her intuitive sense regarding other areas of my life in which I had experienced loss. Lucy couldn't have been more supportive. I would highly recommend her." - Client Feedback 

What is The Grief Recovery Method? 

The best way to find out if Grief Recovery is for you is to have a chat. Please call - there is absolutely no pressure. 

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Grief Recovery Services I offer 

Grief Support online programme Grief & Bereavement help using the Grief Recovery Method in a 1-1 format Grief & Bereavement using Grief Recovery Method in a group format

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