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Michelle Bucknor 
“...The future depends on what you do today…” Mahatma Gandhi 
You may have heard the saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Whether you have been hurting for a long time or something has just occurred, you only need to make one change in your life to get started. Maybe you have suffered a loss (of something or someone that was of value or precious to you) and find you cannot bounce back, no matter how hard you try. If you are finding it hard to focus on work, feeling sad most times, enjoy your family and friends or take care of yourself as you should, you may be experiencing grief. We can help and provide the well-needed support you require. 
Having had a career spanning over 30-years in Operations and Customer Service Leadership and Management, I have always been passionate about people and the impact I have on their lives on a daily basis – whether they are internal or external to the organisations. This background in the corporate/commercial space, infuses a unique perspective from both a commercial and personal angle. I have seen first-hand how effectively managing the support given to individuals positively impact their well-being; and the domino effect when ignored or incorrectly managed, the [possibly] deep negative impact loss and grief have. This in turn affects their mental and physical health, not only in the workplace but also their lives with their families and friends. Key is how managers can identify, understand and support their people during those times, cultivating and maintaining a true ‘people-centric’ approach, which in turn reaps benefits of loyalty and commitment to the company. 
The Grief Recovery Institute and their goal of supporting people suffering from the ill-effects of loss and grief resonated significantly with me. I wanted to be a part of an organisation that was ensuring this help and skills are made available to the widest possible numbers – support when it is needed. The application of practical techniques is grounded in sound evidenced based programmes for individuals, families, teams, and organisations. All people focused. 
Are you someone who is experiencing the sting of loss and grief? Or are you a family member or friend who is concerned and wondering how you can be a positive support to someone you care about? Please…. get in touch for a confidential, no obligation chat. There are no waiting lists and the opportunity to just be yourself and say how you are really feeling is positively encouraged. No pretence, no judgement. Please…. get in touch now. 
I found The Grief Recover Method having had many and varied losses in my life. Family members, including a spouse and close friends. Some of these experiences/events included unexpected and sudden losses. It became clear to me (strangely, while participating in a business course one day), that my life’s journey seemed to be permeated by loss. That impressed on me that from my own experiences; I could be a source of help and support to others who were on this journey and were struggling. 
I trained as a Grief Recovery Specialist early 2017 and more recently as an Advanced Practitioner, which provided the additional benefit of enabling me to bring the programme to people – online and in their own environment, wherever in the world they live. I look forward to hearing from you. 
Michelle Bucknor Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

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