Finding love after death or divorce
The action steps of the Grief Recovery Method are effective in providing closure after loss - Grief Recovery UK's Managing Director Carole Henderson is living proof. After losing her husband to skin cancer at age 40, she has now been featured in an article in The Guardian about couples finding love after the death of a partner. 
Grief Recovery Institute MD on Love after Loss
Carole's husband Kevin died in 2006 following a brief battle with skin cancer. "When his life ended so did my world. When people said (trying to be helpful) he’s out of pain I’d look at them in dumb shock. On a bad moment I’d reply 'lucky him, mine has just got unbearable.'" 
After searching for help, she came upon The Grief Recovery Handbook in 2007 - a book that she would later say saved her life. "I cannot begin to describe the weight that was lifted off me when I completed the book, the anger I’d felt at Kevin for essentially dying of refusing to go for a check up of a bleeding mole, disappeared. I found I could remember all our relationship – the good, the bad, the mundane, without that stab of agony. Yes, still deeply sad he was gone but my heart finally was peaceful." 
Finding a new relationship after being widowed
Finding love again after being widowed
No longer incomplete with the tragedy of her husband's death, Carole could finally go on living - and her firm belief in the power of the Grief Recovery Method soon prompted her to change career. She shortly thereafter became Managing Director of Grief Recovery UK. 
In 2012 she met Ian Henderson, who also used the Grief Recovery Method to work through the unfinished parts of his previous marriage. The two of them made a life together and eventually married in 2015. 
Says Carole, "I am in love with a wonderful supportive man who understands my work in helping others. My heart is whole, and I’ve given it to him without reservation or regret. Because of the actions I’ve taken to recover from my grief I am confident that I’m not attempting to patch my heart up with a new relationship. Ian realises that when I’m sad this is a normal human emotion and is no reflection of my feelings for him and we all get sad from time to time." 
Carole and Ian are a living example that love, happiness and healthy relationships are possible even after a loss has occurred. Their partnership was featured in The Guardian's article "‘You can love more than one person in your lifetime’: dating after a partner’s death", which was published on 22 April 2019. 
For more information on the Grief Recovery Method or to heal your heart from a loss, the Grief Recovery Institute offers a free eBook as well as copies of The Grief Recovery Handbook
Finding love after death or divorce
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