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From talking to hundreds of grievers we know that many feel pressurised to return to work far sooner than they are ready. The biggest considerations are financial. Employers are obliged to offer compassionate leave but it doesn't have to be paid. 
As a result of all these conversations and government actions/inactions in this area we have launched a petition asking that there should be statuatory 2 weeks paid leave available for those who experience the death of a spouse. 
Currently the average time off awarded to an employee after a major bereavement is just 3 days. Even 2 weeks is incredibly short, given that in England, many funerals don't take place until 2 weeks or more after a death.  
In November 2017 a private members bill which will mean statutory bereavement leave for those who have a child die had it's first reading. It is expected to become law by 2020. This is an excellent step forward from the goverment position in 2013 where they shied away from legistating saying it was "too complicated."  
At Grief Recovery we recognise that all grief is unique & 
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