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For those not directly involved it might not seem possible that a year has passed since the terror attack, time flies until you are grieving. Then the opposite is true, time moves incredibly slowly when loss overtakes you. 
We define grief as the conflicting feelings following a change or end in a familiar pattern of behaviour. We grieve all loss, yes loss of life but also loss of health & the more intangible losses of loss of safety, loss of security, loss of hopes dreams and expectations. All grief is unique, just as all relationships are unique. This point is important as if we don’t acknowledge that the conflicting feelings are grief then the right help can’t be found. 
There is something about anniversaries that can bring back all the unresolved fears, anxieties, anger, pain, so it can feel as if it only happened yesterday. In the case of events like terror attacks this is exacerbated by the press bringing it all back. So, what can you do to support young people who are struggling today? 
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