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Grief is normal and natural so why is it so hard to know what to do? 

Whether you are a parent, a teacher or otherwise involved with children you will know that sinking feeling when questions are asked about sad and painful feelings. Often we are left struggling for the right words, not least because we ourselves don't know what to do either. 
Child bereavement hit the headlines recently when HRH Prince William quoted and echoed his Mother, Princess Diana when he described "grief is the most painful experience" 
Whether the child in your care has been bereaved, is about to face bereavement or they have experienced other significant emotional losses following divorce, house moves, changing school, being adopted, fostered, bullied or a myriad of other losses having the correct information at your fingertips can make a signicant difference to their progress and well being. 

3 ways to help the children in your care 

Attend a "Helping Children Deal with Loss" Programme near you 

Above: Head Teacher Fiona Hartley talks about her experience with Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Jill Frampton
This programme, for adults, will teach you how to communicate with the children in your care about losses they have experienced and those they yet might face. Led by a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist this programme uses the "When Children Grieve" as the text book as you work through the process step by step over 4 weekly sessions. To find your nearest Grief Recovery Specialist click here. 
"the best intervention I've seen in 20 years" 
Educational Consultant 
‘Will be a future tool to support my new found knowledge’ 
"an empowering experience" 
‘Personal experiences were used effectively to embed learning’ 

Read the "When Children Grieve" book 

The book based on the concepts of the Grief Recovery Method talks you through how to communicate with children about a myriad of losses. Pop along to your local library or buy it online here 
‘Excellent book and will be able to use in school and will buy one for the school library’ 

Grief is normal and natural so why is it so hard to know what to do? 

If you would like to be able to offer this programme on a regular basis then consider training to deliver this and the other Grief Recovery Support programmes. Read more about this powerful training programe here. 
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