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When my friend died suddenly in May 2018 I couldn’t speak about her, I had so much pain, guilt, regret and sorrow in my heart, it was too painful to even think about our friendship. I was drawn to grief recovery because I wanted to get back to listening work and training to be a grief recovery specialist called to me.  
It wasn’t until I experienced the Grief Recovery Method steps as part of that training, that I felt the healing effect of this extraordinarily profound program. Being able to remember my friend, with sadness yes and also with love and peace and joy, and to bring her back into my life without the pain that had been there... I am grateful beyond words...and here to help others be at peace with the losses in their life. 
If you (or someone you know) are longing for relief from the heartache of unresolved grief, (whether that is from bereavement, the ending of a relationship (good or bad), the ending of an important phase in your life or a change of circumstances or wellbeing), and are curious about grief recovery, contact me here for an exploratory conversation. My Australasian time zone means I can work with night owls and shift workers in the UK and Europe as well as anyone in the Australasian region. 
Are you curious? Let’s set up a time to explore working together.  
Sam Demmon Grief Recovery Specialist

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