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Sara Donnelly Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist
Sara Donnelly 
I was introduced to the Grief Recovery Method during my recovery from a Head Injury which had lead me to a very challenging journey (physically, mentally and emotionally). Attending the Grief Recovery Method Training gave me the opportunity to explore, witness and complete the emotional losses experienced during this journey and also to raise and work on past significant emotional losses encountered that had stayed with me and continued to cause me pain and sadness. The Grief Recovery Method is a proven, evidence based, educational program which takes you through a specific step by step approach to enable you to heal both present and unresolved significant losses and will also equip you with the tools to get you through future losses that you may experience. If you are feeling lost, stuck or heart broken, please don't wait for 'time to heal'. Call me for a no obligation, informal chat to talk about how you're feeling and see whether you feel this program is right for you. 
Catherine Best Grief Recovery Specialist


‘This programme has helped me so much after the loss of my mum. Not only have I learnt so much about grief, the myths and STERBS, but it has made me feel more complete with my loss. I find myself using everything I’ve learnt from this programme on a daily basis and it has given me a better understanding about my grief and how to support others when they are grieving. 
I felt 100% supported the whole way through with Sara and she pushed me to carry on even when it got hard. I felt completely comfortable opening up to her, which is so important when completing this programme. I would recommend this to anyone who has lost someone or experienced grief in their life.’  
- Evie Clark, 1:1 participant 
‘I can't recommend Sara highly enough. Everyone should have her in their life! For 4 years, I have really struggled with the unexpected loss of my Dad, who was my rock and died suddenly. Having just finished the programme with Sara I feel so much lighter. I have a way forward, at last. Thank you Sara!’  
- Hannah Walton, 1:1 online participant 
"It’s taken me a while to write this but I’m finally ready. This beautiful woman gave me the tools to release my grief, to accept my pain & find peace in a way that I never thought I would. Sara, you are truly gifted. My shoulders are lighter & my heart is bigger than ever before. I would recommend this wonderful soul to anyone looking for guidance and healing. The GRM method is something I’ve related to more than any of help offered in the past. All I can say is thank you. 
You are a heart with ears & it’s incredible what you are doing for people. To hear that you have now completed your advanced course makes me overjoyed! You are one of a kind🧡 
Anyone looking for guidance and grief recovery now or in the future please don’t hesitate to contact Sara. Her heart is something ALL can connect with🤍" 
- Pippa Larkin, 1:1 participant 
“Despite the fact you might feel daunted by the idea of talking about your loss, I have to say that after the first few sessions I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am recommending the programme, and especially the practitioner, to my clients that I know would benefit from this amazing experience of letting go. Thank you very much for inviting me to join this programme. I have loved every minute of it even though it scared me to start with. I have come out of it a much better person, and my work colleague has noticed a distinct change in my outlook.”  
- Jane Lee, Participant 
“I have just completed the 7 week GRM programme with my specialist Sara . I have tried so many ways /therapies over the years to deal with a very deep rooted personal loss, and after completing this programme, I have finally managed to finally say goodbye to the deep heart ache that I had carried. 
This program has also given me to tools to continue to work through additional losses, and I am so grateful to Sara for her trust , support and for guiding and enabling my heart to be free from pain.” 
- Joan Hughes, Participant who then went on to train to be a Specialist 
"The Grief Recovery 7 week course, is a must for anyone struggling with unresolved emotions. I have found the course with Sara my specialist, to be brilliantly enlightening, and empowering, and for the first time I feel optimistic for the future. 
I would highly recommend this course and I thank Sara so much for her support and guidance throughout the 7 weeks." 
- Laura Worsfold, Participant 
"Sara is such a kind, caring and professional person. I would recommend anyone to do this programme with her." 
- Joe Kane, Participant 

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