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I had that light-bulb moment about three years ago when I completed Grief Recovery's Helping Children with Loss programme. My heart had always sunk and I had felt desperate every time I had taken a call or received an email from a parent of a child I taught to tell me their child was facing a loss. I muddled through wondering whether I was doing the right thing or whether I was making their suffering worse. This programme literally provided me with all the answers that I had been seeking and provided me with the confidence knowing I was doing the right thing. This programme changed my life both professionally and personally. 
As a teacher I want to do the very best for the children and young people in my care. I want them to thrive and want them to achieve the potential they are capable of. However life is not easy and so many of our young folk face difficulties that are beyond our imagination. These losses inevitably have an impact on them reaching their potential. I have gained knowledge, experience and more in importunately a toolkit that allows me to successfully guide a child through their loss journey; whether that loss is caused by the death of their pet, the separation of their family, transition from one school to another, the loss of friendship group or the loss of a parent/grandparent. 
Personally I realised the death of my grandparents, godmother and my father (which all occurred in the space of 5 years before I turned 20) had a profound affect upon my life and the relationships that I have with other members of my family and the relationship choices that I was making. Carole, who took me through my own personal workshop, helped me realise the unresolved grief that I carried around with me and how heartbroken I was. I should have received an Oscar for my award-winning performance of acting as if I was in control. The reality was very different and I was bouncing from one illness to another, from one bad relationship to another because I didn't want to face the pain I was carrying with me. 
Ask yourself ... Are you feeling heartbroken? Do you feel you are only just in control of your feelings and emotions? Do you cry on your own in the shower so no-one really knows how you feel? Do you feel that your grief is holding you back? Grief is a normal and natural reaction caused by any one of the 40+ different life losses. Whilst we hope that we ‘know’ how to cope with these events we often feel lost and can’t find the support that will make us feel better. 
Like you I am a griever having lost my nearest family members in tragic and unexpected circumstances in a relatively short space of time. At the same time I have to guide so many young people through losses that could easily shape their lives. The Grief Recovery Method helped me make sense of the grief I faced and helped me remember the good memories without the pain and hurt. It has helped me to reassure the children in my care and to provide them with the answers that they so desperately need. 
The Grief Recovery Method is not counselling or therapy, it is an education programme; a series of small steps taken that allow you to complete with the loss you face. I can help you through this process; allowing you to let go of the ‘if only’, ‘why’. The programmes I offer show you a step-by-step, week-by-week process and toolkit that help you not only heal your hurt but help you be equipped to face any future losses. 
Please contact me, for a no obligation chat, so we can discuss a time to meet or discuss the amazing programmes I offer, so I can support you on your Grief Recovery journey. 
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