Emotional Literacy Resources - FREE Downloads 

Our downloadable resources can be reproduced for use in staff planners, enlarged to A3 size for posters and shared digitally. 
Downloadable resources for schools
Tips for staff on supporting each other 
Downloadable resources for schools
Tips for effective listening techniques with students 
Downloadable resources for schools
Tips for effective communication with students 
Downloadable resources for schools
Tips for expressing your sympathy to bereaved families 
Lead by example students helping students
Tips for students supporting their friends 
Tips for changing our words around loss
Tips for "saying the right thing" following loss 
Downloadable resources for schools
What to say to parents about school reopening 
Behaviour tip sheet for teachers
These 'red flag' behaviours signal emotional distress 
Myths of grief
Simple reminders for adults helping children 
Survey for EYFS KS1 students
Survey for EYFS/KS1 on returning to school (boy) 
Survey for EYFS and KS1
Survey for EYFS/KS1 on returning to school (girl) 
Check-in survey for students going back to school
Check in with your KS3 students using this easy survey 
Downloadable resources for schools
Red flags and coping mechanisms in kids and teens 
Downloadable resources for schools
Acknowledging thoughts and feelings 
Downloadable resources for schools
Learning how to be in the present moment 
Downloadable resources for schools
Emotional honesty and connection with others 
Downloadable resources for schools
Effective listening and conversation starters 
Downloadable resources for schools
The importance of goodbyes with loved ones 

NEW: Open Ears Programme & Resources for Teachers 

NEW: The Open Ears Programme 
The Open Ears Programme is a user-friendly year-long PSHE curriculum to develop life-long skills to cope with bereavement, grief and loss, incorporating feelings and emotional wellbeing, developing healthy relationships, and resilience into learning. 
The Open Ears Box of Hearts 
The 52 cards inside the Box of Hearts each have a question or statement to start off conversations for children to share and learn about their feelings. 
Motivational A3 Posters - Set of 5 
Inspired by our 5 point plan ebook these 5 images will look great on any wall - classroom, home or office. 
They are printed on heavy card & posted flat so NO annoying curling corners that will lift off the wall. 


Watch Grief Recovery MD Carole Henderson speak with TES UK about supporting students and teachers during and after lockdown 

Online training programme 

Our Helping Children with Loss programme is now available online. Click here to find out more about the programme or click here to reserve an online course for a group of your staff - spots are limited! 
Primary School Head Teacher and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Deb Brown talks about how the Helping Children With Loss programme differs from other programmes and the effect it has had on her school. 

Support for your school 

Does your school or organisation have specific needs
Can we support you in developing a strategy for helping staff or students? 
Find out more about our Helping Children with Loss programme or contact us at schools@griefuk.net or by calling 01234 862218 - we are here to help! 
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