Feeling Brighter 
Just a line to say thank you so much for the course. My mind seems less scrambled and more settled. I have also felt much brighter this weekend than I have been for a long time. 
Michael, a griever from Essex 
The Sun has come out again 
In difficult times I find it hard to talk about how I feel, but after the deaths of both of my parents I realised I needed some help to cope with the loss I felt. That feeling of loss just seemed to be increasing every day, instead of getting better. Although the deaths were not unexpected, I realised there was still so much I hadn’t said to my parents, and so much I wished I could change. 
Through the Grief Recovery course I was able to look at the various losses I’d experienced throughout my life and understand how they were all now impacting on how I felt. It really helped to get a wider perspective like this, to explore each loss and its cumulative effect and to find greater balance in my thoughts. Being able to talk it through in a safe and confidential environment with other people who listened and acknowledged my grief was priceless. By the end of the course I was able to complete all the emotional ‘unfinished business’ – and now I feel at peace inside. It’s a wonderful feeling – it’s as though the sun has come out again. 
Angela Sherman, Milton Keynes 
Carole in her own inimitable style gave very valuable information to help me and other members of our group come to terms with our personal grief and dispel so many of the myths and misinformation which surround our limited understanding of grief. 
The practical steps learnt each week in a very caring and safe environment allowed each member of our group to fully participate no matter how painful revealing their grief seemed at the time. Group members encouraged each other and offered support (and a Kleenex) when needed. 
It has been an honour and privilege to be part of Carole’s Grief Recovery group. I realised that grief is a very normal part of our lives and that we need re-educating in how to be prepared for it so that when it does come as it will to all of us to some degree, that we are ready to deal with it practically and intelligently. I would recommend Grief Recovery to anyone who is grieving at the moment and any enlightened person who wants to prepare for that eventuality in the future. 
Margaret Duggan, Health Researcher 
Highly Recommended 
Before I started the Grief Recovery workshop I was grief stricken lost and confused. I felt dead inside and depressed. After just a few sessions I felt relief and was less distressed - a definite improvement. Even though I still felt the loss I could face the day with some sort of energy & positivity. But it was “alright” to be sad. I would recommend this course to anyone – who wants all those negative feelings stuck inside? 
Trish, a griever from Milton Keynes 
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