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If you have experienced a significant emotional loss or are close to someone who has, through work or family, you will know just how overwhelming the feelings of grief and loss can be. Until now the only option has been to struggle on, pretend everything is OK and hope for the best. Some may try a consultation with a psychiatrist however, it isn't the head that is broken after a loss it is the heart. This is why the Grief Recovery Method® is different and why we are bringing it to India in 2018. Established for 40 years in America this step by step heart led programme has helped 100,000s of people all over the world, in many different cultures & languages. Finally for the first time you will be able to train to teach this programme without leaving India. 
Carole Henderson Managing Director Grief Recovery Ltd
Carole Henderson, MD and Senior Trainer 

Life is painful 

Life is filled with pain. Life is not filled only with pain. Life is filled with joy. Life is not only filled with joy. Like the seasons of the weather, pain and joy, come and go. Pain that comes in or goes from the present often continues to exist as pain in the past, stored in our memories, other parts of our psyche, our body, and our spirit. If we do not learn how to resolve pain, it accumulates. The tragedy of accumulated pain is that it often makes us not see, feel, experience or remember the joys of life. We are caught up trying to prevent, protect and free ourselves from pain. Often, these efforts end up creating the very pain we are trying to avoid or escape from. 
Accumulated and current pain often drives self-destructive behaviours. The range of such behaviours is vast. They can include cutting off from others resulting in loneliness and alienation, avoidance of intimacy while maintaining the appearances of healthy relationships, addictions – to food, drink, work, achievement, self-criticism, spirituality, entertainment, conflict etc – to the extreme of harming others or harming self. Suicide is one such extreme step. 

Seeking, finding, and not finding relief 

Since pain is a constant, seeking relief from pain is also a constant. Because life can be painful, we human beings turn to one another to find relief from pain. Unfortunately, helping others find relief is not something most of us know how to do. Often, when we turn to others for relief, we rarely find relief that makes us feel better in a lasting way. We end up feeling misunderstood, or not fully accepted. Others don’t know what to say or do to help us find genuine and lasting relief, and we don’t know what to say or do, in order to help others find genuine and lasting relief. 
There have to be ways we can find relief from the pain of the past and in the present. Additionally, these have to be ways that are healing, that bring hope, and can be used by everyone. This is where the revolutionary, simple-to-learn and simple-to-use, and practical Grief Recovery Method® comes in. 

Karma, Fate, and Loss 

When painful events happen, many people deal with loss and pain by saying, “It’s my destiny”. There is an element of truth in that statement and attitude. There are many things in life that we cannot control or change. However, even if we do not have the power to change things, we can change our emotional reactions to things. We can also change the painful emotions we experience when we remember them. This is why we respectfully disagree that “It’s my destiny” is a sufficient explanation of, and attitude toward pain, arising from painful events and memories. We would not accept that as adequate and appropriate explanation for a subordinate’s or colleague’s shoddy job, for negligence from a doctor or the person who builds your house, or from our children’s teachers. 
None of us claim to know what the future holds for you, for ourselves, or for anyone else. No one knows how the future will unfold. There are things we cannot change. Emotional pain is NOT one of those things. 
We do claim that facing your pain and resolving it – in a way that does not cause even more pain to yourself or your near and dear ones – is the best way to meet the future. It is the best way to meet it confidently and joyfully. It is also the best way to remember the past serenely and gratefully. We also claim that we will help you become free of any pain that traps you, and robs you of joy and peace, today. Finally, we claim that we will help you do this for others, in an effective and replicable way, regardless of how old or young the person is, and what event may have caused him or her that pain. 

The Grief Recovery Method® 

For nearly 40 years, the Grief Recovery Method from the Grief Recovery Institute has helped millions of people recover from pain caused by painful events in their lives. These events include death, divorce, unemployment, financial and business losses, loss of trust and safety in relationships arising from verbal, emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual or sexual abuse, loss of relationships, loss of health, loss of the use of a part of one’s body through accident or disease, and lots and lots more. Those who help other adults, adolescents or children learn and use the Grief Recovery Method are called Grief Recovery Specialists. 

What it is and what it is not 

The Grief Recovery Method is not a form of psychotherapy or counselling. It is also not a pep-talk, or a spiritual or religious practice. You can belong to any faith or no faith. If you apply it as it ought to be, you will benefit from it. 
The Grief Recovery Method is a training and education programme. People acquire the knowledge, skills and an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use method, which helps them resolve their emotional pain, without causing more pain for themselves or others. You are acquiring one of the most important life skills necessary to protect and grow your happiness, by dealing with pain in an effective manner. 

Are you called to become a Grief Recovery Specialist? 

The Grief Recovery Method® offers a proven, step-by-step, compassionate, gradual and gentle way, to find relief, and to help others find relief from every kind of emotional pain. A Grief Recovery Specialist is an individual who has undergone rigorous Certification training in learning and applying the Method. Such people begin by learning to apply it to the pain in their own lives before teaching it to others. Find out more about the training here 
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