Learn to help others move beyond bereavement, divorce and over 40 other losses with our Certification Training Course. 

So much more than bereavement training the Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is a unique package designed specifically to assist you to help those with broken hearts retake a productive place in the mainstream of their lives.  

Your training will allow you to offer Grief Recovery in 4 ways: 
1-1 (working one to one with your client) 
Group (working with groups of adults) 
Helping Children With Loss (group based for adults) 
Pet Loss (group based for adults) 
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Why become a Licensed Grief Recovery Specialist? 

Learn Quickly - 4 day course  
Proven Results - Evidence Based
Unlimited support after your course 
Immediately work with clients 
Assist with any loss - tangible or intangible 
No previous qualifications necessary 
Qualify in 4 Programmes 
Help to grow your practice 
All trainers have lived experience 
Life Changing Experience 

Why the Grief Recovery Method? 

As someone who has a deep desire to help others suffering with grief, you need to know that the training you undertake will be effective. You want to leave the training with confidence in the tools that you have been given and the support that you will get on an ongoing basis. 
Unlike bereavement training courses you may have seen or support groups you may have experienced, the Grief Recovery Method offers a structured, evidence informed programme irrespective of the nature of the loss. So while many of our clients have suffered the loss of someone important in their life through death, others come to us with broken hearts following divorce, separation or family break up; business failure, pet loss, job redundancy and many more. Indeed we have listed more than 40 life events that invoke grief, all of which can be helped using The Grief Recovery Method. 
There is quite a lot you'll want to know before deciding to book and often the best way is to talk to someone. Here at Grief Recovery we're passionate about being human so we love to talk you either by phone or via webcam so you can discover whether this is the programme for you. There is absolutely no pressure, just honest answers because Grief Recovery can't be "sold" you have to want to do it. To book a day & time that works for you click here or on the picture of Carole.  
Click here to book a FREE, no obligation call with Carole.  
"Find out if this is right for you, there is absoutely no pressure - you can only do this work for yourself not because anybody persuaded you to." 
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*Research References 
1. Nolan R, Hallam J. The Grief Recovery Method® Instrument: Development and validation for construct validity of the treatment [dissertation]. Kent: Kent State University; 2018. Publicly available online at Google Scholar or if you have institutional access, please visit https://www.ohiolink.edu/. 
2. Nolan R, Hallam J. Measurement development and validation for construct validity of the treatment: The Grief Recovery Method® Instrument (GRM-I). Manuscript submitted for peer-review. 2018. 
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